St. George Metochion Temple

St. George Metochion is part of the ensemble of the Bachkovo Monastery above Asenovgrad/Stenimachos (12th cenury). The story tells that along with the Bachkovo Monastery, Grigorios Bakuriani also built two inns, one of which was built in Stanimachos, on this site. Impressive walls with buttresses surrounded the entire complex of the metochion - with a main building for habitation, a pantry and other auxiliary premises. Only a part of the southern and eastern walls with the typical blind two-step niches survives from the medieval temple. The iconostasis is carved in wood, from the 18th century, and most of the icons are from that time. This temple is still known for its impressive energy and artistic value icon "St. Catherine", to whose cult the southern throne of the church is dedicated. The outer north facade also has frescoes. The pride of the temple is a central panel depicting St. George on horseback is the work of the great Zaharios Zographos. Uncertainty surrounds the three-story bell tower of this temple to this day as part of the complex.

Jun 2023