Project results produced during the implementation of the NARRATE project

The concrete results will be made available thoughout the course of the NARRATE project.

The main project result expected by the NARRATE project is the preservation, presentation, and promotion of world-heritage ecclesiastical cultural treasures that will deepen understanding of their significance to a wide audience across borders, and foster intercultural and interreligious communication. Moreover, digital literacy and the use of the means new technologies offer for safeguarding and sharing Cultural Heritage in engaging ways will be enhanced both with regard to stakeholders and the audiences addressed.

For doing so, we will engage stakeholders, to understand their needs and priorities on ecclesiastic Cultural Heritage preservation, presentation, and promotion. Based on the insights gained we will design and conduct surveys to establish the content, form, and functionalities of the repository envisaged. Then we will design a data model and reference ontologies for describing Cultural Heritage treasures based on a semantic metadata description. This will lead to the creation of the final data repository and the data discovery services.